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Hey, I'm Chrystie and I'm the Community Manager at WebJunction.


I blog at BlogJunction

It's All Good and

Libraries Build Communities


I'm simply coming to Internet Librarian this year (not presenting) and my intention is to be a bit of a sponge.


At WebJunction (yes, it's a "real" Funny Word), we're pretty deep into a site "refresh" that we're hoping will be the beginning of some larger-scale site changes that improve usability, navigation, and build on the interactivity we've already got going at the site. I'm hoping my time at IL will fill in some of the gaps in my own knowledge about how to best approach this process.


In my other life, I'm writing a book for ALA Editions with Steven Cohen on libraries and community building. I'm hoping to connect with online community builders (you know who you are) while I'm at IL this year, collecting more brain candy for our process. We're still scouting examples so please let us know if you have something cool going on in your library. We're getting folks together for a dine-around one night or another. You're invited! I'll post details as soon as we have them. Sorry! We were just too slammed before the conference to get ourselves together for the dinner - please, find us for some spontaneous drinks or snacks.


Tracks I'm targeting:


Monday, web design & development

--lunch with Roy

--dinner with Steven

Tuesday, social networking

--breakfast with Rachel

--cocktails with Michael

Wednesday, social computing

--breakfast with Helene

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