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Greetings! I'm Cliff Landis, and this is my first Internet Librarian confrerence!


I'm a Reference Librarian and Facilitator at Valdosta State University. My personal/professional/whatever blog is clifflandis.net.


Glasses 006

Pondering deeply the future of Libraries!




Day 2 of being in transit (Thank you Delta and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport!) has me arriving a day late.



10:00Arrive in MontereyNervous Breakdown
DinnerNo plans
After DinnerSleep



9:00Keynote: Challenges of Cyberinfrastructure
10:30D201-Podcasting and VideocastingC201-Repositories & Digital Initiatives
11:30D202-Podcasting and VideocastingC202-Repositories in Action
LunchNo plans
1:15C203-Repository Essentials: From Soup to NutsA203-Mashup Applications
2:45D204-Myspace & Facebook
4:00C205-Partnerships in Archiving
DinnerPodcasting, Flickr & Other Social Tools
7:30Scholarship in Chaos!dorking around
AfterCelebratory pre-Birthday drinks with DavidFree!



9:00Keynote: Web Presence for Internet Librarians
10:30C301-Technology Training in Library 2.0 WorldD301-Wikis for Libraries
11:30C302-Training Tutorial Tour & TipsD302-Wikis for Libraries
LunchNo plans
1:45A303-Comparing Book Search Engines
2:45D304-Blogging Update
3:45Closing Keynote:Social Computing and the Info Pro
AfternoonMonterey Aquarium? Probably not enough time since they close at 6:00pm
DinnerNo plans
After DinnerNo plans



Oh Gods Please No AMWake up
6:30AMDeparting FlightStuck in Monterey

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