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Hi I am Darren Chase, an informatics librarian at the Health Sciences Library, Stony Brook University. As an informatics library, I seek to develop the points of contact between people, information and technology.


I am a happy part of the Wednesday morning (10:30) Wikis in Libraries panel. Come learn the magical truth about wikis.


I have an oblique blog named the Secret Library Workers union. Also, I flickr. I will be blogging and flickring IL2006 in my own freaky way. I look forward to meeting you, whoever you are. Cheers!





10:30-12:15D201 Podcasting & Videocasting
1:15D203 Flickr in Libraries
2:45D204 MySpace & Facebook
4:00D205 RSS and Javascript Cookbook
DinnerNo plans at the moment
After DinnerNo plans



10:30D301 Wikis for Libraries
LunchNo Plans
1:45C303 Learning Gaming & TrainingD303 Hot and New with Social Software

2:45C304 New Tools for Training|D304

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