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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 1 month ago

Hi! My name is Josh Neff. I'm an adult services reference librarian at a public library. I have a blog, the goblin in the library. This will be my first time at Internet Librarian, my first time in Monterey, and my first time at an out-of-state professional conference. So, I'm pretty jazzed.


My contact information is here.


I'm scheduled to arrive in Monterey at 12:15 on Sunday the 22nd (and when have the airlines ever messed up a scheduled flight?). I'm thinking of visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium, since everyone tells me it's a must-see. Other than that, I have no real plan.


Here's what I attended at the conference:



9:00 Keynote with J.A. Jance
10:15D101 The Web 2.0 Challenge to Libraries
11:15C102 Cultivating Tech-Savvy Library Staff
1:15B103 Reaching Patrons
2:15B104 Web-based Experience Planning
3:15C105 The Second Life Library 2.0
4:15D106 Bottom-Up Web Redesign



9:00Keynote with Clifford Lynch
10:30D201 Podcasting & Videocasting
11:00D202 Podcasting & Videocasting
1:15D203 Flickr in Libraries
2:45D204 MySpace & Facebook
4:00D205 RSS and Javascript Cookbook




9:00I skipped the keynote
10:30D301 Wikis for Libraries
11:30D302 Wikis for Libraries II: Electric Boogaloo
1:45D303 Hot and New with Social Software
2:45D304 Blogging Update
3:45I skipped the closing keynote


I'm leaving Thursday morning to fly back to Kansas.

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