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Michael Porter

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 11 months ago

Hello to the four or five people who will see this wiki entry! :) My name is Michael Porter. Sometimes people don't know me from Adam, but have seen the Libraryman Blog. I write that blog (the Libraryman Blog that is). I'm way into learning, talking about and teaching practical emerging technology for libraries and library folks.


Here is my Librarian Trading Card. Good ahead, take one.

You can contact me via email: mp {at sign} libraryman.com


Happily, I am presenting twice at this year IL Conference. Here are some details:


Tuesday, Oct 24

Track D

Social Computing


D203 Flickr & Libraries

Michael Porter, OCLC Western, Fiona Hooten National Library of Australia, Lluisa Nunez Universitat de Barcelona

Michael Sauers, BCR


Snagged from a blog post:

Along these lines, if any of you are going to be at the Internet Librarian Conference this year there is going to be a presentation on Flickr. It will cover lots of ways libraries can use it as a tool for searching, outreach, marketing, connecting, community building and technical innovation. I'll be presenting with some other (more impressive I might add:) folks too. Folks from other countries even! Now that is community, baby! :) I've been talking about Flickr and libraries quite a lot this past year, all over the country, but this one is near and dear to my heart.


Here is the description of the presentation:

Flickr & Libraries at the Internet Librarian 2006 Conference


I was interviewed about Flickr in the October 2006 issue of LLRX.


Also going to be doing this one with Brenda and Rebecca:


Wednesday, Oct 25

Track C

Learning & Training


C301 Technology Training in a Library 2.0 World

Michael Porter, OCLC Western

Brenda Hough, Technology Coordinator Northeast Kansas Library System

Rebecca Richardson, Technology Training Specialist, Purdue University Libraries

Many libraries have now been providing hands-on technology training for staff and for the public for years. As technologies continue to rapidly change and collaboration becomes ever more important, however, technology training needs to change, too. Three experienced technology trainers will discuss innovative ways to not only teach web 2.0 technologies, but also how-to capitalize on those technologies to make training more effective. Technology training in this new environment cannot be simple skills training. Instead, the emphasis is on creating adaptable and fluent users. Lists of practical "2.0" training technologies, techniques and resources will be included in the session as will multiple examples of successfully presented classes and training sessions using each of these technologies and techniques.


Can't wait to see everybody in Monterey this year! :)

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